In Greek mythology titans are known to be a powerful race of deities that ruled during the legendary golden age. This is inspired by them.

Titan you are,
Rising up from the abyss of Tartarus reclaiming your right to exist in a world that shunned you from being.

Titan you are,
The mere idea of you has always been more than what they could handle, 
has always been more than what their minds could conceive. 
So, in return, they banished you to a darkness so… consuming that even the deepest part of the ocean couldn’t compare to it. 
Not realising that you were in fact the ocean. 
That no darkness could dim the light that came from within you.

Titan you are
Titan you were
Titan you will always be
and I will keep saying this until you hear me, till you believe me, till you realise that you’re free now
that there’s no longer a reason for you to carry the world on your shoulders.

Titan you are.

- Noura Y.Z

(Source: mymania)


Photographer Walter Sachels was terrified of death, so much so he refused to see his mother after she passed away. Upon entering his 70s, Schels finally decided to overcome his fear through a bold, bizarre project – photographing individuals before and directly after their death.

Schels and his partner Beat Lakotta began approaching potential individuals at hospices in Berlin and Hamburg. The pair were on constant alert, at times running out in the middle of the night to shoot before the undertaker would come.

Though emotionally draining, Schels recognized that the series became an important epitaph to people before they actually died. With family and friends unable to cope with the looming truth, terminally ill patients often feel completely isolated.

“It’s so good you’re doing this”, Schels quoted a dying man to The Guardian, “No one else is listening to me, no one wants to hear or know what it’s really like.”

Schels is no longer terrified of death and now sees avoidance of the issue as a serious problem in contemporary society, people unable to be truly present for loved ones when they need them most. Life Before Death is an attempt to confront our worst fears and perhaps, to see those nearing the end in a more human light. For the individual stories behind each of the portraits click here